What are the types of link building?

Contents1, 1 editorial link, 1, 2 resource link, 1, 3 purchased link. It is important to have a good understanding of the types of links that can be created, as well as an understanding of the technical aspects of links. This will give you a solid foundation for you to assess the value of different types of links and determine which ones are best for you. These types of links can carry the same weight as the editorial links you didn't ask for, but they have the slight disadvantage that you have to work hard to get them.

For example, you can create an industry survey and promote it to journalists who find the ideas interesting enough to write about and link to them. This is an example of a link given by an publisher, but you have actively promoted the content to the journalist. Although this is not always the case, these types of links tend to be from sources that are of low quality and, in general, they are the ones that Google does not want to tell. That's because they're created by you and you're supporting yourself, which isn't what Google is looking for when it comes to figuring out which websites deserve to rank better.

Because these links are not given editorially, they have a lower inherent weight than other types of links. In the past, they have been useful for some SEOs working on certain websites, but now you need to be very careful in their implementation. Many techniques like these are the ones that Google has attacked over the years and websites have been penalized for exaggerating. The types of links you choose to follow with your strategy should depend on your existing link profile, but in general, you should avoid links that are not provided editorially.

Instead, you should focus on tactics that will provide you with editorial links that add value to your website and business. If you want to quickly identify if a link uses the nofollow attribute or not, you can do so using MozBar, which will automatically highlight this type of link on any page. Here are 50 different types of links you should win for your business or customers, as well as strategies for acquiring them. Linkable assets are pieces of content intended to attract links.

A common type of linkable asset is an infographic, it's a good strategy to present original research as a graph to those in your niche. The average response rate for link building emails is only around 10%, so the larger your campaigns, the more backlinks you can create.

Manual link building

is a common strategy that small businesses apply in their link building strategies. Most of the time, followed links are better, but nofollow links are better than no links, so don't reject them.

However, many people took advantage of it and created several websites that link to their own main website. If you use WordPress, I recommend a related post plugin to find more opportunities for internal linking on your own site. Now that you've learned about the various types of links that are important to SEO and how they work, now is the time to start creating them correctly and efficiently. Currently living in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Gigi is a link maker, aspiring content writer, learner of everything related to SEO and content marketing and suffers overnight from her insatiable indulgence in fictions.

But keep in mind that backlinks aren't everything, first and foremost, you should focus on creating useful, high-quality content. Natural links are produced more organically from readers who come across your website, including a link on your blog or website without being asked. As with quick-win tactics, a strategy based on traditional link building is likely to be a strategy that competitors can easily copy. When another site links to your website or publication, it implies that your content is top-notch and it's something that owners would like to highlight.

With that said, you should know the attributes and do your best to create a variety of links to your website. Getting a high number of shares on social platforms and creating content capable of attracting natural links are closely related. Instead, you can focus on developing great content that other websites and brands will want to link to. .


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